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Acedia And The True Self

Acedia is a monastic term that describes a certain kind of weariness or fatigue associated with the routine and monotony of daily living. In my life this is usually associated with the discipline of work, faithfulness to a spiritual practice, the demands of healthy living, exercising my brain, and being faithful to the demands and commitments of my life. When this feeling occurs, one needs to be creative and look for ways to renew your spirit and zest for living. It may require changing jobs, creating new routines, driving home by a different route, praying in a new way, starting a new book, doing something that you’ve never done before, or reflecting on why you’ve made the decisions you’ve made in your life. We all feel like this sometimes. It is part of the human condition. The important thing is to recognize it and not allow it to overwhelm you.
We are not our personalities. Whatever personality we have, whatever Enneagram number or Myers-Briggs type we are, these are masks covering up our true selves. Our personalities are part of the false self so eloquently written about by the Christian monk, Thomas Merton. The personality that each of us has is a shell we have created since early childhood to protect ourselves from the world around us. We appear different because we have created different false selves depending on our personal experiences of life. The purpose of the spiritual journey is not only to find God but to find ourselves as well. It is the inward journey to our own essence. Merton calls this the True Self. Buddhists call it “Finding the face you had before you were born”. Each of us is like an onion and our many false selves must be peeled away one layer at a time until the true self is revealed.



An international flavor

With Father Josh traveling in Spain this week, this is a good time to think internationally. On the Lolek Facebook page, he asked how we could create something that would reach a South American/bilingual audience. He is fluent in Spanish, which will come in handy not only on his current trip, but also in Lolek Productions’ quest to go beyond our borders.

I do not speak Spanish – not yet. In our church, we have the highest number of Hispanics in the entire diocese. What does this say? It says that to truly embrace all of our brothers and sisters at St. Joseph, I better start speaking Espanol! Truly I want to because so many of them speak English to me. How can I not even attempt to speak their beautiful language back to them? We celebrate many special masses trilingually. My family and I attend Spanish mass every week now, in addition to the English-spoken mass. It is a reminder that we are blessed to worship in our own language, when so many people (including some at St. Joseph) do not. Their hospitality is to be admired.

‘Given’ is in English and Spanish. Our upcoming video series will be as well. How exactly will this be accomplished – Hispanic interviewees, video shot in reflecting their beautiful culture, overdubs and translated (to me) words…there are many options. Just as there are so many options to worship. Whichever language you speak, we are a global church. The Lord’s love for those of all nationalities inspires us to do the same.

-the creative director

Seeing through the Lenses of The Theology of the Body

When I was a young father like many other fathers I helped coach my daughter’s T-Ball team. My daughter Chelsea played only two seasons of T-Ball and my wife and I came to the conclusion that baseball/softball was not her sport. She just didn’t have the coordination for the game or so we thought. The following summer, right before the start of school, we took Chelsea to the eye doctor for a check-up and found out that her vision was very poor and that she would need glasses. I remember when she first put them on she began to read road signs and store signs and we were amazed because she said she could never read those before and she always thought that was “normal”.

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Condemned to ineffectivity? Is there anyone out there?

So I was recently with another priest and we were watching EWTN on the big screen. And in the middle of the show he said, “I can’t take it any more,” and he changed the channel to HGTV. Continue reading

What is your impression of EWTN?

Above All

Our most recent Lolek meeting consisted of an agenda with deadlines, social marketing ideas and continuing plans for ‘Given.’  We are trying to wrap up two projects and begin another very large project. Mostly, however, we talked about creativity. Above all, creativity is at the core of Lolek Productions.
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