The Holy Spirit moves within

I don’t know how many times I have recently said or thought: The Holy Spirit is moving. Something is happening.

I feel like the momentum has been building. Maybe it felt that way during Corpus Christi last weekend because we had such a celebration, but I know it was actually before that. It has become the undercurrent for our parish. “Winds of change” seems like a cliche that does not do this justice. This is life. This is all we have. This is God moving around and in us.

The Holy Spirit is moving. At Lolek Productions we have been invoking His help. He has answered our pleas. The Corpus Christi video is moving at a rapid pace; a pace I did not think was possible. We will accomplish big things with this video – I can feel it. Not because it is cool to make videos (it is) but because we have a purpose. I keep asking the Holy Spirit, “Please make sure we are doing what is necessary with this work. Make it what You want us to accomplish.”

We had a running theme this week at Lolek — when you listen, you might hear something.  The Holy Spirit is moving. He is ready for us to accomplish big things in His Name. Things we never dreamed possible.

Are you listening?


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