The trailer, the full-length, the promotion

When the inspiration comes, everything flows. You can’t hear the clicking of everything falling into place like millions of keys opening creative locks, but I swear it is happening.

I got the call that “Given” was ready for first viewing. Next thing you know we are showing it to people and then the Holy Spirit sends some inspiration (click!) and we are shooting a new ending. This is all in less than one week. The trailer comes forth as easily and we begin some basic promotion.

We are coming to the end of post-production for the full-length and will begin a business plan to really promote this. I have had ideas in my head for promotion since we shot this film. The only hesitation to get these ideas onto paper is – will it be enough to really get the film noticed? I mean, we are not trying for Tribeca next year, but can we really get the message out?

One of the goals of Lolek Productions is to move people. To get them past the traditional Catholic media and into an artistic expression of our faith. We want to do this right. We want to do this better. We want to please the Holy Spirit who has given us so much help along the way.



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