Above All

Our most recent Lolek meeting consisted of an agenda with deadlines, social marketing ideas and continuing plans for ‘Given.’  We are trying to wrap up two projects and begin another very large project. Mostly, however, we talked about creativity. Above all, creativity is at the core of Lolek Productions.

In terms of creativity, we often speak of the importance of layers in our productions. Making everything count, making everything mean something and then even adding another layer of significance. I believe the success of ‘Given’ is due to its many layers. I called one the ‘smart layer’ and yes, we could call one the lens flare layer. These layers came because we believe the beauty of our faith comes from complete belief in the Word and connection with God the Father. Creativity can truly come through His love. And many prayers to the Holy Spirit.

I never worry about the creativity. How do I know it will be there? I just do. Complete faith. My pragmatic side frequently considers other resources that we do not currently have in abundance – money, time. Father Josh has complete faith that these things will come. He has asked many people to pray for Lolek. 

God has provided what we have needed so far. He is above all in all things, and considering what He can do, certainly does not lack in creativity.

–the Creative Director


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