Lolek Productions was started in 2011 in Bowling Green, Kentucky out of a desire to do something that connects with people and moves them.  With so much garbage on the internet, from pornography to a cheesy video on what the Church believes, the young people spending hours of time on the internet each day are filled with less than inspiring perspectives on the faith.

I am a 31-year-old Catholic priest. I am so often disappointed by Catholic media, especially film and video. I was driving to the parish this morning, listening to “The End and the Beginning,” by George Weigel. It is the story of Blessed John Paul II and his time at World Youth Day (WYD) in Toronto. I remembered when I was at WYD in Sydney, Australia and the beautiful Stations of the Cross that they projected through the streets of Sydney and onto the screens in Barangaroo. I was deeply moved by the beauty and the meaning of it all. This is in sharp contrast with the level of production on Catholic television stations and radio stations. I realize that many individuals have worked hard to advance the role and influence of Catholic media on American culture, but am regularly disappointed by our present status.
I have been interested in video production since sixth grade and have had a deep desire to show the beauty of the Faith through this medium. This group, Lolek Productions, is dedicated to striving toward a new perspective on ancient realities. Like the many beautiful layers of Sacred Liturgy, every layer on the screen must mean something. The content must inform the style and the style must inform the content.
The Catholic Church is rich in artistic expression and creativity. As of late, that expression seems to be latent.
Awaken with us!


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